Requirements for joining and submitting videos.

To Join:

  1. Youmusthaveatleast30,000fanscombined,fromInstagram,Youtube,and Facebook.
  2. Your videos must have at least 60,000 views
  3. Agree to our terms and conditions.

Video Submissions*:

  1. You must be the owner of the IP
  2. Must be professionally edited
  3. Can’t show actual violence
  4. Can’t show sexual acts or nudity of minors
  5. Can’t use Copy Written material

Notes: If you want to sample or cover a song, you need to get a Sync License and attach it to the video submission form. License can be obtained at

When submitting a video you will be ask to provide the following:

  1. ArtistName
  2. Title of Video
  3. Type of Video (Music,Film,Anime,etc)
  4. Genre
  5. Attach Sync license if required
  6. Description of the video( to explain content)
  7. Date of Production
  8. Video Rating(PG13,PG17,Adult)
  9. Isthere Nudity or Simulated Sexact? Yes or No a. If Yes, ask Name of Actor b. Address & Phone Number c. Ageatthetimeoffilming d. Attach Color Driver License/ID
  10. Attach a 20 Second Snippet for Music Video and at least 90 seconds for film.
  11. Attach the actual Video 12) Cover Photo for the Video

After you are accepted as an Artist, you will be able to upload your videos at any time. We will post the video as soon as it is processed through our verification system.

You will also need to provide to us your Crypto Wallet information. We will pay you for each submission and your commercial generated revenue in Honey Tokens. You are then free to sell your Honey Token for Cash or exchange it for other Crypto Coins/Tokens. We do recommend that you keep as much of the Honey Token as possible as it will grow in value and make you very wealthy.

Please note, we will never send you any 1099 or report any income to the IRS. So whatever you make is yours. Understand that your Wallet will send you a 1099 from the time you receive your Honey Token and you sell it. So for example if we pay you $20,000 worth of Honey Token, and you sell it for $60,000 then you will get a 1099 for $40,000 Capital Gain. You will not get anything for the original $20,000 payment from us.

Once you are accepted membership as an Artist, we will send you the Payment Schedule for the video that you will be submitting.