Terms & Conditions:

We make this very simple. The videos that you submit to us belong to you and you are free to remove them at any time.

What we ask of you.

  1. You must be the owner of the intellectual property(video) that you are submitting .
  2. You must adhere to all of the rules regarding submitting videos.
  3. You agree to get paid at all times in Honey Tokens
  4. You take responsibility for obtaining and safeguarding your crypto wallet
  5. You take responsibility to pay commission/fees to any party that you have an agreement with, in regards to your Intelectual work.
  6. Honey-Streaming will not pay any third party on your behalf. All the funds go to
  7. After submitting the video, you or anyone associated with you, can’t share the video with any 3rd party platform. The video submitted to Honey-Streaming must only exist on Honey-Streaming Platform.
  8. You must promote the video(s) on your social media. You are only allowed to show the snippet that you submitted as part of the video submission process. You may create another snippet to promote your video on social media.
  9. You are responsible to police your intellectual property, and get it removed from any unauthorized platform.
  10. You agree that you should keep confidential the details of your ongoing relationship with Honey-Streaming.

Lastly, you agree to comply with the aforementioned rules and regulations. Furthermore you understand certain acts on your part will cause you to be deplatformed off Honey-Streaming and never to be allowed back on. If that should happen, we will remove your videos and payout the remainder of the balance that is owed to you, in Honey Tokens.

Here are those acts on your part that will get you permanently deplatformed of Honey-Streaming.

  1. Submitting videos that you don’t own the intellectual property to.
  2. Lying about the age of minors in regards to sexual acts or nudity.
  3. Purposely showing the same video submitted to Honey-Streaming on other platforms.
  4. Publicly insulting Honey-Streaming or HoneyToken.

Conclusion, even though Honey-Streaming will try to prevent your videos from being copied off our servers, we can’t guarantee that won’t happen. Furthermore, Honey-Streaming can’t be held responsible for such any event, regardless of the damages. Moreover, it is your responsibility to remove any intellectual property submitted to Honey-Streaming off other platforms.